Hot Word: Diaosi

2012-11-26 16:48:05    Web Editor: Hanyueling

屌丝 diǎo sī

In just two months, the latest buzzword from the Internet, diaosi, has spread so much that it can be found everywhere–from online forums to micro blogs. Many people even call themselves diaosi. It's not the first time a term has gone viral on the Internet in China. However, why is the word diaosi so popular that it has become a cultural phenomenon? Here, we tell you everything you want to know about it.



The word originated in the's Tiebar (a top Chinese bulletin board system) of soccer player Li Yi. There, fans of Li, who are called yisi in Chinese, not only talk about soccer but moan about their lives, work and relationships.

Yisi, who are known for their rude and dirty language, were given the name diaosi by others who have seen their posts.


The word diaosi was coined first by single, young men who feel they have dead-end lives. Generally, men in this category don't earn enough, are not good looking, and have difficulty winning promotion.

Unlike their upper-class contemporaries, they lack influential families, useful social networks for their careers, and most importantly, suitable women to marry.

Many young men call themselves diaosi because they feel they are among the lowest echelons of society. They suffer low self-esteem and have stopped trying to improve their lives.