Anhui Tourism Conference Kicks Off in Style

2012-11-14 11:05:16    Web Editor: Duanxuelian

Men race with giant wheels for the opening ceremony of the Huangshan International Tourism Festival on Sunday, November 11. 2012. [Photo: Wang]

China is brimming with jaw-dropping spots known and unknown to the masses, so naturally the highlights deserve some promotion. Anhui is host to some amazing tourist destinations which are the focus of the Anhui International Travel Agents Conference, now in its 16th year. The four-day conference attracts industry members from around the world.

The conference's opening ceremonies commenced on a sunny Sunday afternoon with an explosion of Anhui traditions and costumes. Rows of attendees lined up in Huangshan's city square when two lines of drummers began pounding drums that stood taller than they did. The show had begun.

A small army of red-clad women marched with their own variety of percussion tools. Young men danced around a banner hanging from a pole while pounding out their own rhythms. Traditional red and yellow costumes were paraded about. The highlight was when pairs of men rolled out 7-foot high wooden wheels and raced them through a choreographed show. Unsurprisingly, the men were all panting heavily by the end.

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