Dajue Temple and the Golden Gingko Tree

2012-11-06 17:04:22    m.cri.cn    Web Editor: Duanxuelian

A gingko tree is over a thousand years old, but its autumn leaves remain majestic. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com/William Wang]

Some temples have all the luck. Dajue Temple (Dajue Si) is popular not only for its history and ancient structures, but also for its springtime blossoms and its autumn leaves. Now is the sliver of time after the tree leaves have turned canary yellow and before they fall to the earth below.

In fall, people flock out to the western Beijing temple to see the 1000+ year old gingko tree. Situated in the courtyard between the Amitabha and Mahavira Halls, it towers over them, reaching its ancient arms up toward the heavens, frozen mid-prostration. An explosion of glowing leaves shimmer in the air, clinging to the branches for a short while longer. For the moment, this tree is the star of the show, and shutterbugs flock to her before her beauty momentarily flutters away.

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