Tsinghua University in Autumn: A Study in Colors

2012-11-02 17:15:01    m.cri.cn    Web Editor: Duanxuelian

Art and nature complement each other on the Tsinghua University campus. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com/William Wang]

Tsinghua University has built its reputation as one of the Chinese capital's top academic institutions. But its appeal goes far beyond the purely intellectual. The university is built on what used to be a prince's royal garden. Qing gardens still exist, with ponds and canals lined by weaving pathways. It's not too surprising that Forbes magazine listed this campus as one of the planet's most beautiful. Information offices across campus offer free maps which even point out the popular scenic spots to snap photos.

When the gingko leaves turn to a brazen yellow in fall, they magnetize the gaze and camera viewfinders alike. Waterways and contemporary art sculptures are scattered throughout the campus providing compositional focal points. All this beauty may provide some degree of ease to post-exam students, but for everyone else it's just visual luxury.

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