Wishes to China

2012-09-26 14:52:33    m.cri.cn    Web Editor: Wang

Lv Youqing  

  Chinese ambassador to Tanzania

  "My name is Lv Youqing, ambassador to Tanzania. So I hope China to pay more attention to the harmonious development, especially more sustainable development, more benefits for ordinary people. And real harmony for China, especially people."

Frances Adamson, Australian Ambassador
 "Hello! I'm Frances Adamson, Australian ambassador to China. Over the last ten years, of course China's economic growth rate has continued to perform very strongly. China has become a more urbanized and more industrialized country, and of course its people have started to travel more and become much more engaged internationally. Australia has very much seen the benefits of that. But Australia's also been, through our exports of natural resources, standing by China's side and providing natural resources to power China's growth. We've helped educate Chinese students in Australia and we see tremendous benefits in terms of the closeness of bilateral relationship as those students return to China and take on roles here and become more senior. "

Prof. Alan Hudson
 "I'm the director of the Leadership Programmes for China at the University of Oxford in the U.K My name is Alan Hudson, I'm the director of the Leadership Programmes for China at the University of Oxford in the U.K. I'm also a visiting professor at CELAP (Chinese Executive Leadership Academy at Pudong) and the Shanghai Administrative Institute. I have been involved with China now for ten years, and I have been more and more excited about the possibilities for Chinese development. I think in the near future, China is reaching a point where the process which began in '78 will take on an even greater significance, both domestically and internationally, and the economic and technical gains which have happened will be translated into social, cultural, and political gains for the whole of the Chinese people. I think it's a great time to be working with China. I'm really happy to make a small contribution to what is the most exciting event of the 21st century."

Masood Khan
 "My name is Masood Khan, until recently I was Pakistani Ambassador to China. Now I'm going to take up my assignment as Pakistan's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations. I have a close, deep and productive relationship with CRI. CRI is the voice and face of China across the globe. They are very professional, and they've done a wonderful job in carrying the message of Chinese people and the state of China to the rest of the world. I wish you a success, and I wish China greater successes, in the weeks, months years and centuries to come. "

Nelly Provencal-Dale
 "My name is Nelly Provincal-Dale. I'm from New York in US. If I could ask the Chinese premier any question it would be what do you see China's role being alongside the US in more environmental sustainability terms? What is China's role being? I think alongside with the US. What should China's more specifically do, more tangible goals that China can do to help improve the environment?

As for what do I see China? What do I see it in five years? You know with this growing middle class you know kind of where does China see itself and fitting in this growing middle class and its demand you know to buy more and to be more consumer society. Where do we see that in five years? Hopefully it develops more and feel like that's a good path to be going on you know having this growing middle class really being able to accommodate that --those needs, you know those demands."

Michael Grelopp
 "Hello I'm Michael Grelopp. I'm from the United States. If I could ask the Chinese premier any question, I would ask him how he sees China and USA relation. How he sees that in the future, if he thinks it's gonna continue to be strong as it is today, or if he thinks it's going to be stronger or weaker?

What do I expect China to look like in the next five years? Well, I think one thing, I'm always amazed by the young people in China, their cleverness and their ability to adapt. I think that in the next five year, the young people in China are gonna have more and more impact on what happens in China and I have a lot of faith in the future of China based on the young people that are coming out of universities. "

Daniel Kirchert
Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing
BMW Brilliance Automotive
(BMW Group's joint venture company in China)

 "My name is Daniel Kirchert. I'm working with BMW Brilliance Automotive, our joint venture here in China, and am here for eight years now with BMW.

For the next five years, I hope that we will see a continued great development of China, that we will see everything as what is planned and intended further moves ahead, further opening up, and more and more people will have the chance to become more happy, and also realize their dreams, and live for their passion, and that overall everyone can have joy, and everything stays on a good track as it is now."

Jim Wolfson, president of College Net
 "Hi, I am Jim Wolfson, president of CollegeNet. My wish is better understanding and friendship between United States and China. China and United States now is the second leading peer of countries in term of international trade. And that is going to increase. And it is obvious for the United States to keep China's friendship as China is the major investor in the in the United States. We are very interested in making sure that there are stronger and better relations between United States and China, particularly for the students coming to the United States, we want it will be easier for them to have a great experience. We know there are the ability to have the great experience depends importantly on how many friends they make when they are in United States, how many friends among US students they make. So I hope for better understanding. I know their ability to make this friendship depends on their understanding of US culture and that kind of understanding in friendship will lead to the stronger relations between our two countries."


Philip Tinari, Director of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

Hello, my name is Philip Tinari, and I am the Director of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art , an independent museum of art here in the 798 district of Beijing. My wishes for China in the next five years are mainly that it continues to become a more cultural vibrant and confident place, a place that understands the importance of creative people to the society, also a place that is open to the influences from different parts of the world and embracing of the difference and change while still maintaining its very special nature and its great values. I think it is going to be very important five years for China's position on the global cultural stage. 

Peter Choi, President of the Temple City Chamber of Commerce, U.S.A.

Hello I'm Peter Choi, president of the Temple City Chamber of Commerce, which is located in Temple City right here in the heart of the San Gabriel valley. It is an exciting period for China right now. For the past ten, twenty years, we have heard about the potential for growth, the potential for market, and the potential for industry, manufacturing, tourism, etc. There is a saying, "Everything old is new again," and China, which is a country with a long, vast, exciting history, is poised to capitalize and grow on that. I think the potential for China for the next five years, we're starting to see it now: that it's going to grow and it's going to recapture, in a twenty-first post-millennial way, the history and the exciting glory that we already know about China in the past. That is what's happening in a very modern way for the future. I was fortunate to visit Shanghai earlier this year, and it was fascinating to me to see apartment buildings going up every block, and that, in itself, is symbol of China for the future, its growth, its dominance in the world, and a greater relationship with America.]

Lu Arredondo, CEO and President of LA Business Consultants, LLC

Hi, I'm Lu Arredondo. I'm the CEO and President of LA Business Consultants, LLC. It is an organization that focuses on international emerging markets, business consulting, and development of and in societal progress. I was asked today to come and give my thoughts on the new leadership taking place and unfolding in China. I believe that this is a positive reflection in how we are moving forward for this next century. I believe the leadership is going to be strong, it's going to influence world trade, it will continue to raise the awareness of the resources and the viability and validness of and valuableness of the resources that are available in China, both human and natural, and will be a great influence in terms of broadening the relationship between the U.S. and China, and it is my hopes that the U.S. will glean from the strong cultural background of the Chinese people and learn from their thousands of years of experience, so that we can continue to grow our own culture and grow both morally, politically, and globally.

Jay Chen, School board member at Hacienda-La Puenta Unified School District

Hi, my name is Jay Chen, school board member at Hacienda-La Puenta Unified School District and also candidate for Congress for Congressional District 39, which has one of the largest populations of Chinese-Americans in the entire United States. I'm a Harvard graduate and also a graduate of Peking University. I studied there for one year and greatly enjoyed my time in China and made a lot of good friends there as well. And I just want to say congratulations to China for the transition that they're making to new leadership and urge them to continue to develop and to foster great relationships with the United States and with the rest of the world. With great power comes great responsibility, and I look forward to a prosperous and peaceful relationship with China. Thank you very much, and I wish you all the best in this transition to new leadership.

Curt Hagman, California State Assembly member and Republican Floor Leader

Hello, my name is Curt Hagman, I'm a California State Assembly member and Republican Floor Leader, and I want to wish the 18th Congress of China, the very best, and their upcoming sessions, to bring China even more reforms for the future. China has been a great partner of California, it's grown with California, we do a lot of business trade with California, and I've had the personal honor to travel, and visit a lot of the people and overseas when I go visit China. We wish you all the very best for the decisions you make going forward, to really help the people in China be more prosperity, bring more success to them, bring an even better country than you already have. Congratulations!

Bin Li, lawyer in California, United States

Hi, my name is Bin Li, I'm a lawyer in California, United States, and my practice is focusing on the international mergers and acquisitions, and business litigation. And also I have represented many Chinese enterprises, companies to litigate in the United States, and defending their rights, and get justice served for them. And in the past decade, I would say, I personally witnessed that, under the Chinese leadership, China has been booming as an economic super power, and is catching up, and I'm very optimistic, and so passionate about that, and here I know that on Nov. 8 in China, the 18th Congress is going to form a new group of leadership for China, I have a strong anticipation, under their leadership, China is going to be growing as a superpower in all different areas, not only economically, but also as a social and advanced civil society. Thank you very much!

 Hermann Simon,Chairman of Simon Kucher & Partners GmbH

China has made great progress in the recent decades and my wish is that China further opens up and integrates into the global economy which I call 'Globalia', and this means China has to go into research and development, use their resources of the great people. It has to become the third pole of the global economy together with the Europe and the United States. I foresee 2025 where we will have three poles—China, the EU and the US, hopefully, cooperating peacefully and successfully.