Cultural Tip: Chinese Kung Fu

2012-08-22 15:28:42    Web Editor: Hanyueling

中国功夫 (Zhōng guó gōng fū, Chinese Kung Fu)

中国功夫,是中国传统武术在国外的称呼。功夫是指以踢、打、擒、拿等攻防格斗动作为素材,形成徒手和器械诸多套路的民族健身运动。著名的徒手拳术有太极拳、少林拳和武当拳等。中国传统武术最早以"中国功夫"的名字传遍全球,是在上世纪六、七十年代,这必须要感谢一位伟大的华人武术宗师和好莱坞功夫巨星--李小龙(1940-1973)先生。李小龙是截拳道的创始人、武术哲学家、功夫电影的开创者,是他将 "Chinese Kung Fu"(中国功夫)一词写入了英文词典。他革命性地推动了世界武术和功夫电影的发展。李小龙在全球拥有超过2亿的影迷,为此,他也创下了"全球影迷最多的武术家"的世界纪录。美国人称他为"功夫之王",日本人称他为"武之圣者"。在不少外国人心目中,他就是中国武术的化身。他以短短32岁的生命和六部功夫电影缔造了不朽的东方传奇。

Chinese Kung Fu is a name used to refer to traditional Chinese martial arts in foreign countries. A series of Chinese fitness exercises practiced with or without weapons, Kung Fu employs various offensive and defensive kicks, hits, punches and chops. Types of Kung Fu practiced bare-handed include Tai Chi, Shaolin and Wudang martial arts. During the 1960s and 1970s traditional Chinese martial arts became known in the world as "Chinese Kung Fu". For that we must be grateful to Mr. Bruce Lee (1940--1973), a martial arts master and Hollywood film star. Bruce Lee is the founder of Jeet Kune Do, a martial arts philosopher and a pioneer of kung fu movies. Thanks to him "Chinese Kung Fu" can now be found in English dictionaries. Bruce Lee dramatically promoted the development of martial arts and kung fu movies. He developed over 200 million film fans, more than any other martial arts star in the world. Americans call him the "King of Kung Fu", and Japanese say he's the "Master of Martial Arts". In the eyes of many foreigners, Bruce Lee is the representative image of Chinese martial arts. Despite being only 32 Bruce Lee made six great kung fu movies and created an immortal oriental legend.