Large Amounts of Enteromorpha Hit Qingdao

2011-07-07 16:47:46    Web Editor: cuichaoqun

A vast covering of enteromorpha or sea lettuce, a type of algae, hits east China's coastal city of Qingdao. It has covered the city's beaches. The local people cleaned up the algae on July 6. Tuandao Island, free from the green algae on July 5, became much like "grassland" the next day. This large amount of enteromorpha was the result of green-house effects and water eutrophication. [Photo:]

Qingdao citizens cleaned up the enteromorpha that covered the beach on July 6.[Photo:]

This photo, taken on July 6, shows a man surnamed Xue standing in his own pond cleaning up the enteromorpha to protect the sea products in the pond. [Photo:]