Chinese Studio: Lesson 195 – Compliment III

2010-10-27 14:00:46    Web Editor: cuichaoqun

 YJ: It's time to perfect Chinese your way in only wu fen zhong a day.  Welcome to the show everyone, wo shi Yajie.
Cam: And wo shi Cam. Yajie, wo zhen xian mu ni.
YJ: Why?
Cam: Because you are so good at Chinese!
YJ: Well, that's because I'm Chinese!  Let's learn other complimentary words.

Key words of the day
Your kid is so adorable.你的孩子真可爱 I envy you very much.我真羡慕你  I like your hairstyle. 我喜欢你的发型Your Chinese is really amazing .你的中文真是棒极了!All in today's Chinese studio.

CM: Yajie, I find Chinese kids are really adorable. How can I tell their parents in Chinese?
YJ: you can say "你的孩子真可爱."
CM: ni3de hai2zi zhen1 ke3ai4.
YJ: ni3de, your,
CM: ni3de,
YJ: hai2zi, kid,
CM: hai2zi,
YJ: zhen1 means really,
CM: zhen1,
YJ: ke3ai4, cute,
CM: ke3ai4.
YJ:  ni3de hai2zi zhen1 ke3ai4.
CM:  ni3de hai2zi zhen1 ke3ai4. Your kid is so adorable.

A: 你的孩子真可爱。
B: 谢谢,
A: 多大了?
B: 刚满一岁。

CM: Yajie, my sister is coming here to see me soon.
YJ: really, 我真羡慕你
CM: what does that mean?
YJ: It means I envy you very much.
CM: can you say that again?
YJ: of course. Wo3 zhen1 xian4 mu4 ni3.
CM: Wo3 zhen1 xian4 mu4 ni3.
YJ: wo3 means I,
CM: wo3.
YJ: zhen1 means very much,
CM: zhen1.
YJ: xian4 mu4 means envy,
CM: xian4 mu4,
YJ: ni3 means you,
CM: ni3.
YJ: Wo3 zhen1 xian4 mu4 ni3. I envy you very much.
CM: Wo3 zhen1 xian4 mu4 ni3.

A: 我姐姐明天来看我。
B: 是吗,我真羡慕你。

CM: Yajie, some girls like you have really nice hairstyles. How do I say "I like your hairstyle " in Chinese?
YJ: You can say "wo3 xi3 huan1 ni3de fa4 xing2."
CM: wo3 xi3 huan1 ni3de fa4 xing2. as wo3 xi3 huan1 means I like
YJ: exactly. Ni3de, your,
CM: ni3de,
YJ: fa4 means hair, 
CM: fa4.
YJ: xing2 means style,
CM: xing2,
YJ: so hairstyle is fa4 xing2.
CM: fa4 xing2.
YJ: wo3 xi3 huan1 ni3de fa4 xing2
CM: wo3 xi3 huan1 ni3de fa4 xing2 I like your hairstyle.

A: 我喜欢你的发型。
B: 是吗?谢谢。

CM: Yajie, you know my friend Hans is learning Chinese and now his Chinese is really amazing! How do I tell him that?
YJ: Don't worry. I have another sentence that you can beat him with. Simply say  "你的中文真是棒极了!"
CM: ni3de zhong1 wen2 zhen1 shi4 bang4 ji2 le!
YJ: zhong1 wen2, Chinese,
CM: zhong1 wen2.
YJ: zhen1 shi4, really is,
CM: zhen1 shi4,
YJ: bang4 ji2 le, amazing,
CM: bang4 ji2 le.
YJ:  ni3de zhong1 wen2 zhen1 shi4 bang4 ji2 le!
CM:  ni3de zhong1 wen2 zhen1 shi4 bang4 ji2 le!  Your Chinese is really amazing!

A: 你的中文真是棒极了!
B: 过奖了。

Cam: That wraps up another week on Chinese Studio.
YJ:  Time for our question of the day. How do you say "I envy you very much" in Chinese? 
CM: Send your answer to and you might win a prize.
 Mingtian jian!