Simon Yam Portrays Crazy Beggar in "Ip Man 2"

2010-03-10 15:32:23

Still of "Ip Man 2" [Photo:]

Simon Yam, one of the leading actors in the first "Ip Man" movie will have only a cameo role as a crazy beggar in "Ip Man 2," which will hit cinemas on April 29.

In the new kung fu movie, Ip Man takes his wife and son to Hong Kong and encounters hard times there. They meet their old friend, Zhou Qingquan, played by Yam, and discover that he is a madman who does not recognize them.

Yam plays Zhou, a well-dressed gentleman in "Ip Man", while he has to dress like a bum and talk nonsense in "Ip Man 2". As a cameo actor this time, Yam only has a small part in the film, but still quite an eye-catching one.

Yam, who is one of Hong Kong's tough guy actors, has made more than 100 films and 40 television series. The characters he portrays are quite impressive. In the first 'Ip Man' Yam played Ip Man's best friend, Zhou Qingquan, the boss of a weaving factory in Foshan in south China. He has a strong personality and endures difficulties and hard times well. He manages to keep his factory from closing, feeds all his workers and helps Ip Man's family. People have likened the role to that of Oscar Schindler in the film "Schindler's List."

But Yam said he was not really sure why director Wilson Yip asked him to play the role of a gentleman in the first "Ip Man" movie. He believes it may have been because his astrological sign is Pisces, which means he is sweet-tempered.

"When I was asked to act a role in 'Ip Man' I was very happy and thought I was chosen to be Ip man himself," Yam said. "It was later on that I was told I was playing his friend, Zhou Qingquan. He's an elegant gentleman, not like the tough men I am used to portraying."