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City's Top Legislator Fell off Building in Central China's Hubei Province

2014-07-09 18:42:16    Web Editor: haipeng

[Photo: file photo of Li Haihua giving a speech]

A senior official from central China's Xiao Gan city has been confirmed dead after falling off a high-rise building on Wednesday.

The official, Li Haihua was head of the Xiao Gan Municipal People's Congress, the city's top legislature.

Xiao Gan police said the man was confirmed dead before an ambulence could take him to a nearby hospital.

Witnesses saw Li fall off a high-rise building near the city's main government seat at nine o'clock in the morning.

Police said an investigation into the cause of Li's death is still underway.

Li served as a vice mayor in charge of the city's urban planning and construction projects from 2002 and 2012 before being promoted to head the city's top legislative body.

Earlier in May, the head of city's housing bureau, which is under the jurisdiction of the the city's urban planning and construction department, was summoned by a displinary inspection team sent by the central government of Hubei province.

The housing bereau chief is now under further investigation by the inspection team and it's beleived he was a close aide to Li while Li was vice mayor of the city.


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