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Chinese Take Top Spot in Online Shopping and Mobile Device Payment

2014-07-09 16:13:08    Web Editor: haipeng

A young Chinese mum making her online shopping list on Double Eleven Day, an online shopping carnival on November 11th, when e-commerce businesses offer huge discounts and make record sales in a time-limiting 24-hour stretch. [Photo: baidu]

A study by online payment leader PayPal is showing Chinese consumers ranks the first in the world in terms of the time spent shopping online.

The survey shows that e-commerce-savvy Chinese spend an average of 380 minutes shopping online per week, three hours more than that of the world average.

Meantime, Chinese consumers also rank as the first making payments through their mobile devices.

Only one out of ten of the Chinese surveyed said they don't fancy paying for their online shopping list by mobile devices.

That is compared to the world average of every four of ten.

The PayPal survery also revealed that shoppers across the world find convenience the most important incentive for shopping online.

Surprisingly, nearly two thirds of world e-commerce consumers have experience shopping across borders.

The study also underscores that while e-commerce is more developed in countries like the United States and Germany, the rising economies like China, Russia and Brazil have got ahead when it comes to making payments through their mobile devices.

PayPal is the world biggest online payment tool, similar to Alibaba's Alipay.


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